Gesandet | Anne Löper


The Sleeping Beauty

by the Brothers Grimm

Fairytale magic with classical music | 20 min.

Once upon a time there was a king and a queen who said every day: „Oh, if only we had a child“ , and they never had one. When stories get told in their true original character something happens to those who listen and see it. They carry the wisdom to the viewer magically.

That was the highlight of our „sandy“ vacation program at the phaeno Science Center. It’s unbelievable what you can do with sand.

Dr. Mareike Wilms, Curator


The scent of truth

Tamil folk tale

for young & old, music from the violin | 70 min.

The young King Mahabali ruled a small kingdom with great devotion and sincerity. His happy people affectionately called him the „Jasmine Prince“. In the neighboring kingdom, however, things were somewhat different. So what happened when the vengeful and dissatisfied king ordered the Jasmine Prince into his kingdom? Scents and sounds from another world accompanied by the magical sound of the violin and inspiring texts by the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Art as process rather than product? I think of the sculptors of Chartres who left the trace of their spirituality at the point where their chisel met the stone, of the Buddhist monks when their brush sent the sand of their mandalas to the winds and now of your hands touching the desert sand so beautifully.

Thank you.

Jean Le Mée
Author of „Hymns from the Rig Veda“


About the ability to overcome grief

Narrative with storyteller Annika Hofmann | 25 min.

Experience the power of stories with this imaginative sand story, which tells us that everything has its time and deserves positive attention, even grief. An eagle family takes in a little boy, a human child, and helps him to find his way back to joy. A collaboration with the author and storyteller Annika Hofmann for young and old, which brings the mystery of life to life.

Each painting felt like a miracle, just as a flower opening into blossom.

Karla Ohlendorf-Cole


Advent magic

Christmas magic with enchanting mood music | 20 min.

Children’s eyes will gleam when the story of the holy night in the stable in Bethlehem is told in an emotional way. Suitable for indoor Christmas markets with guests running around, can be performed repeatedly within a day.

„Everyone was still caught up in a fairytale atmosphere on the way home.“

Many people felt the same way as I did, straining their imagination to guess what their next sand painting would represent and express, when you had blurred or „scattered“ one scene into another.

Protestant Reformed Parish
in Göttingen


Restoring the balance

Ancient Puranic narrative from India about the protective amour of god Narasimha. Music from Indias Classics | 60 min.

It tells the story of a young prince who defies his powerful demonic father in order to remain loyal to Lord Vishnu, the creator of the universe. A series of dramatic events culminate in a divine intervention that rebalances the equilibrium between good and evil.

I love Anne Löper’s sand art for its fluid blend of beauty and spiritual meaning. Nothing is ever the same twice, each presentation is a special moment in time,

that elegantly describes a timeless story.

Susan Hopkinson,
Gründerin von Nurturing Transformation