Gesandet | Anne Löper

Sandpainting as a team event

A different kind of Christmas gathering

Your class, your colleagues, your employees paint their story in sand together – a creative way to promote communication and strengthen your team. It’s all about doing, feeling and understanding things yourself.

Nine to 18 seats are available at nine light tables.We come to you with our equipment.

We offer
online courses

Sand painting comes alive while you play with the sand. You will feel invited to play more and find out about possibilities of what your play can become. Fun only!

Meet in Studio

It’s not about making art, it’s about being in this great state

that inevitably gives rise to art.

Robert Henri

Book a „2.5 hour artist meeting“ with the artist

It is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in your creativity with a truly gracious material, sand, in the inspiring ambience of the studio. We will play with ideas or work individually on your projects.

You will be shown finger techniques and given playful impulses for your creative development.

Curious people with no previous artistic knowledge are also very welcome.