Gesandet | Anne Löper


The Kronberg painter’s colony in Sand

Poetic journey through the art history of the 19th century | 50 min.

A cooperation between the artist, the Kronberger Kulturkreis and the Museum Kronberger Malerkolonie, which follows in the footsteps of the former artists‘ colony. The knowledgeable viewer will sometimes recognize a motif from the museum’s collection. „Stay a while! You are so beautiful!“ one would like to call out with Goethe’s Faust, but a few moments later the picture has already dissolved again and transformed into a new motif.

Her sand performances coagulate into magical moments that you want to hold on to before they fade away. But perhaps the magic of this lyrical art made of sand lies precisely in its transience.

Dr. Ingrid Erhardt, Curator

Dresden moments in sand

Homage to the Florence on the Elbe | 85 min.

On a fascinating journey through Dresden along the Elbe, the history, everyday life and magic of the city are told in artistic sand paintings.

This synthesis of the arts of painting and music particularly delights with its surprising twists and turns. Let yourself be enchanted on an exciting and contemplative journey. And listen to Saxon sounds staged in a completely different way.

The captivating sound collage, the somewhat fairytale-like, magical touch of the whole thing and the reference to Dresden quickly cast a spell over everyone. And the wonderfully fluid transitions from one image to the next all contributed to the magic of the moment, the picture narrative…. In a wonderfully non-verbal way, your strength and your humanity came across in the sand pictures and what is important to you, I found that to be a great gift, and many people expressed similar sentiments afterwards and even after the party. Thank you, Ms. Löper, you have managed to reconcile me with my city.

Frieder Uhlmann

the carrot king

Of the false sense of security

Saga of the Carrot King | 25 min.

Once upon a time in ancient times, an army approached the town walls of Heiligenstadt with hostile intentions. The watchman on the church tower of the old town saw the approaching disaster, reacted quickly and had all the town gates barred. It seemed to end well had it not been for the interference of a hungry goat.

Wir können es kaum erwarten die Vorstellung ein zweites Mal zu sehen!
Viele Grüße!

M. Gersch