Gesandet | Anne Löper


About love

The gift that one receives through marriage

Highlight at weddings | 16 – 20 min.

It’s time to live love! In summer, I often have the honor of painting at weddings. A piece about growing old together. And about the constancy that allows the heart to plumb its depths without sinking, to scale its heights without losing its humility, to know its riches without losing its humility, and to test its breadth without tearing.

So that early life succeeds

Poetic homage to the baby pilots & midwives I 15 min.

Suitable for medical congresses, specialist conferences and for collecting donations

A story of the challenges of early life that begins and hovers close to mother’s heart. And how the difficult journey begins, what it takes to make a successful landing on the planet. A welcome homage with depth.

We don’t know how you do it, but you convey our topicsso precisely and emotionally that many of us were in tears at the symposium.

Dr. Sönke Siefert
Managing Director, Chief physician
MBA Health Management, Perinatal Care Medicine